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The hand safety premium

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HYTORC is the world’s largest and leading manufacturer of industrial bolting systems, boasting a superior line of hydraulic, pneumatic and electric torque and tension tooling. The firm recognises that industrial bolting has inherent risks, but many – such as Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) – can be mitigated with the use of newer and safer technologies.

Risk and responsibility

It is well established that exposure to high-magnitude vibration power tools such as impact wrenches will increase the risk of HAVS which can cause permanent damage to nerves, blood vessels, muscles and joints in the hands and arms. HAVS is the disease with most recorded cases by RIDDOR within the rail industry in the past ten years.

High-vibration tools quickly become a moderate or high risk of HAVS injury. Most impact wrenches exceed the industry standard Exposure Action Value (EAV) limit of 2.5m/s2 and the Exposure Limit Value (ELV) of 5m/s2, meaning a high risk of developing HAVS.

Employers have a responsibility to be aware of this hazard and protect the workforce from the risk of injury, either by monitoring and limiting exposure time or selecting equipment with a lower magnitude of vibration.

HAVS-free tooling

HYTORC’s electric and pneumatic torque tools have been independently verified and tested by HAVi Technologies Ltd – the UK’s leading specialist in solutions helping businesses comply with HSE guidelines for managing HAVS. The results confirmed that HYTORC’s range of handheld power torque tools are ultra-low vibration in actual operational use.

The vibration levels of a typical impact wrench are measured at approximately 19.0m/s2, allowing a maximum of 30 minutes trigger time per day. HYTORC’s handheld tools have been measured at <1.0m/s2; allowing for unlimited daily use, with negligible HAVS risk to the operator.

Approved solutions

HYTORC battery-powered bolting systems are approved for use by Network Rail. They are the ultimate solution for bolting jobs across the rail sector, whether it is for maintenance on trains or the tracks.

The Lithium Series II electric torque tool is the next revolution in bolting technology, redesigned from the ground up with expanded functionality, greater durability and intuitive usability. This lightweight 36V battery-powered tool – with capacity up to 6,779Nm – is the ultimate solution for strength and portability. It is now available with data recording and Bluetooth functionalities as standard.

Hand safety commitment

The HYTORC washer system eliminates bolting pinch points due to there no longer being any need for a reaction arm or fixture on a torque wrench. This technology ensures a much safer working environment.

HYTORC is ready to help. The firm’s specialists guarantee to deliver safe, controlled and precise bolting solutions to solve issues experienced throughout the sector, with significant improvements in operator safety, speed, accuracy and ease of use.

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