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The art of smart

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Remember just a few years ago how long work site lighting took to set up? The generator that had to be parked some distance away to keep the noise and fumes down, the miles of spaghetti-like cabling, the lights on unstable tripods which fell over if you knocked them, breaking the bulb…

Then along came LEDs, and light weight, and batteries that lasted longer than half an hour. What an improvement!

But still, occasionally, the battery would go flat and the site wold be plunged into darkness, just as the work was nearly finished and the hand-back time was approaching.

Thankfully, things have moved on again. Lights are now intelligent, and can be set to conserve battery power and still emit adequate illumination.

Intelligent control

The Peli™ Trackside Area lighting range is portable and rechargeable; offering a safe, maintenance free lighting solution.

Ongoing product developments ensure each model utilises the latest LED technology and design innovations to meet and exceed the requirements of rail professionals.

Many Peli trackside lights now feature an ‘intelligent control’ panel. This adjusts the light output according to the length of light duration required and provides a real-time display. Using the simple keypad, setting the control panel to the number of hours and minutes (maximum is 24 hours – minimum 6 hours) of light required results in the unit calculating and adjusting the output. If the job is running late, the intelligent control can be altered for the longer duration; ensuring workers never get left in the dark.

The development of this unique feature was driven initially by rail maintenance companies using the Peli Area lighting systems – their feedback was the request for a longer light duration. This would enable the use of the unit for more than one shift without needing to recharge.

Advances in LED technology meant the design could be improved by making the output brighter and Peli devised the new intelligent control system to enable the user to manage the light effectively.

Product manager David Smith commented: “We have harnessed the new technology to develop a smarter product within the overall design of the existing unit. This real time display allows the user to plan their time and shifts accordingly.

“The importance of the intelligent control system shouldn’t be underestimated as it enhances user safety and ensures jobs can be completed every time without plunging sites into darkness.”

The intelligent control system can also be remotely activated via Bluetooth on a smartphone.

Model range

Intelligent control is featured on the 9460, 9470 and the 9490 models. The 9490 (left) also has three pre-set light levels – high, medium and low – or the user can select their preferred run time, up to 24 hours.

This model has a quick-release swappable battery design which allows for rapid replacement and extended light duration. With the extra battery, which is available as an accessory, the user can double the run time. There is also an easy to read permanent battery level indicator and low level flashing indicator.

The 9490 features a 10-LED head that outputs a powerful 6,000 lumens on high mode. The mast extends up to 1.8 metres to allow a wide area light. It can be rotated and the head angled to position the light where required. With the mast extended, the unit is set up with the body flat on the ground, giving extra stability. A padded nylon adjustable shoulder strap is also included, but can be removed if not required.

The 9440 rechargeable floodlight is designed to be easily portable, accessing and illuminating areas where there is no mains power, making it ideal for trackside locations.

In the fully-deployed position, the unit extends to over two metres in height, offering a high, wide area of illumination for the work site. The 9440 quickly retracts telescopically to less than a metre long in the closed position, allowing it to be carried easily.

This lightweight, portable unit weighs only 7.3kg and is supplied with a detachable shoulder strap. Using the latest LED technology, the 10 LEDs provide a powerful 5,300 lumens on the high power setting (1,400 in economy mode) and the beam spread is 120˚. Increased LED efficiency results in a runtime of up to eight hours from a single charge.

Safety first

Peli recognise that safety is paramount and the area lighting range has been designed to offer key safety features. All the models in the range are silent running, the units can be fully operational in seconds and light is instant, at the touch of a button.

There are no trailing cables (to create a trip hazard), no emissions and no breakable glass components. There is no need for fuel or cumbersome expensive generators, thus reducing costs both financial and environmental.

Manual handling is significantly reduced and the larger models are wheeled to allow easy and safe manoeuvring.

Peli professional torches

This range of tough, high quality industrial torches includes hands-free head lights, compact torches and rechargeable LED hand lamps.

Peli headtorches carry a lifetime guarantee and are packed with innovative features, including ‘glow in the dark’ photo-luminescent bodies, multi-light modes, battery level indicators and rechargeable options.

The Peli 2780R Headlight is the most powerful headlamp in the Peli line. With 558 lumens of brilliant light and a USB lithium ion rechargeable battery, the 2780R also has a rear mounted red LED safety light. The easy grip dial provides selection of the lighting modes including high, medium and low settings.

The main LED illuminates everything in front with a beam distance of 127 metres while the downcast LED illuminates everything below in a wide, diffused pattern, providing safe pathways and allowing for non-blinding face-to-face conversation. Other options include both beams combined, or flashing mode. Additional features are a rear mounted battery pack that provides full time battery level indication and charging levels.

Peli torches are built to be tough, for durability and reliability in extreme conditions, and are highly resistant to chemicals, drops and shock.

Through the product development programme, Peli aims to improve working conditions for trackside operatives through the advances in lighting technology. This ongoing strategy harnesses the innovations in LEDs, turning these into practical solutions for powerful, portable trackside lighting in the future.


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