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Infrarail seminars: Signalling Plug & Play Project Solutions

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On Wednesday 2 May at 11:50, Phil Hickey, Senior Project Manager at Unipart Rail will be presenting ‘Signalling Plug & Play Project Solutions – Delivering 21st Century Signalling Technology’.

This presentation will focus on some of the technical solutions to Network Rail’s modular railway challenges, specifically at how interconnects will unify different technologies into a single system, and how cable management is central to meeting the CP4/CP5 challenges by reducing time-on-site.

This new system can be quickly and easily installed and commissioned at the trackside, reducing possession time.

The changing of many testing procedures from trackside to the factory on all associated equipment means that the commissioning time is much reduced at the installation stage.

Automatic Testing Equipment has also been developed to standardise testing regimes and ensure rigorous record keeping, labelling/identification and traceability.

New equipment makes the testing process very fast and accurate, eliminating the possibility of human error.

Unipart Rail, as a leading developer of new modular technologies, is well placed to comment on these advances and Phil Hickey’s presentation will highlight how this new technology influence all aspects of signalling in the next few years.


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