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Infrarail seminars: Ethernet Evolution or Revolution?

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On Wednesday 2 May at 12:30, Ray Lock, Technical Director at Westermo Ltd will be presenting ‘Ethernet Evolution or Revolution? Migrating Legacy Systems to IP Networks’ at Infrarail.

Worldwide, there is a drive towards faster, longer and more frequent trains to run over existing infrastructure.

To facilitate the increased capacity in the rail system it is not just the trains and the rails that need to be considered.

The signalling, SCADA, points monitoring and asset management systems all need to be able to communicate faster and more reliably without the need for the existing trackside cabling to be totally replaced.

Westermo will aim to show how the existing trackside copper cabling can be reused to carry multiple services with the use of the Wolverine SHDSL series of devices.

Existing legacy serial communications and IP communications can all be carried simultaneously without the risk of interference or cross talk.

The rate and reach of this technique can deliver data rates from 192kbit/s to 15.3Mbit/s at distances in excess of 10km whilst still providing lower latency and improved reliability.

The Wolverine devices have already attained Network Rail PADS approval, and are actively carrying live data within Network Rail, London Underground and many other rail networks across the world.


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