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What to see at Railtex 2013 #3

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In the run up to Railtex, Rail.co and the rail engineer will be looking at the must-see innovations on display at this year’s event.

CRC Industries UK

Stand D40

CRC Industry UK’s AQUA PAINT MARKER is an innovative product development that specifically addresses the problem of solvent discharge into the environment from traditional survey/spot marking paints. These solvents are not only harmful to operators, but are not particularly good for the environment either.

Based on water, and removing all solvents considered harmful, AQUA PAINT MARKER drastically reduces solvent emissions, minimises health and safety concerns, and still delivers uncompromising product performance and will produce temporary marks for use on almost any surface 15670_Ambersil_Aqua paint flyer AW.inddincluding: concrete, asphalt, stone, brick, grass, soil, and wood.

The water based formulation replaces 35% of the solvents and substitutes the remaining solvent for IPA a ‘gentle’ solvent that is non-aromatic and means that the product does not contain acetone or xylene either.

The evolution continues with a valve and formulation development that negates the requirement for users to clear the valve after use by spraying the product in the air. The No-Purge valve saves on wasted propellant and product which is great news for the environment.


Stand C76

DAC have combined their highly reliable Network Rail approved RA708-CB trackside telephone with a No1 BR lock to produce an anti-vandal signal post telephone.

Traditional solutions when installing telephones in areas where there are high instances of vandalism utilise a fabricated anti-vandal housing.

Whilst this is a perfectly acceptable solution, procurement and installation costs are obviously high. The approved DAC solution, PADS No. 087/000651, will fit on a standard PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) mounting post, resulting in reduced cost of procurement and a significantly lower cost of civil engineering and installation.

DAC will be demonstrating their Network Rail approved trackside GSM telephone as well as exhibiting its wide range of weatherproof and vandal resistant telephones.

Visitors to stand C76 where will be able to take a look at DAC’s newest developments and to discuss, learn about and experience the latest products that DAC has to offer.

Dold Industries

Stand A41

Dold Industries is a leading ISO 9001 approved European manufacturer of measuring relays, timers and interface relays for industrial and safety applications with a hard-earned reputation for service, product reliability and performance.

Rail Ad Feb 13 no text [online]Currently used throughout Europe and the USA, several train manufacturers and maintainers specify and install Dold relay products. As a direct result of this, many products in our range comply with the current UK rolling stock requirements for EMC, voltage and transients, temperature and shock and vibration.

Test and reliability data is available to customers on request, with the option of additional performance testing if required; our railway compliant products are also CE approved for railway applications.

As Dold is the designers and manufacturer of internal relays, enclosures and PCB assemblies, it has the ability to offer cost effective and flexible technical solutions to replace many of the old and discontinued relays and timers currently in service on UK rolling stock.

Dorset Woolliscroft

Stand D42

Dorset Woolliscroft, part of the Original Style group, will be showcasing its extensive range of slip-resistant floor tiles at Railtex.

As a result of UK and European legislation, increasing importance is being placed on specifying and sourcing the most effective anti-slip flooring. It is imperative that the product specified performs to the required standard for the long term. The latest Stations Code of Practice document for station flooring stipulates that ‘All floors should have some slip resistance when wet or dry’. From platforms to ticket halls, walkways to footbridges and entrances to exits, the Dorset Woolliscroft brand includes a choice of non reflective flooring solutions.

Dorset Woolliscroft tiles are suitable for a broad range of applications where durability, cleanability and safety are important, especially in larger public areas. They have recently been specified for use in many station projects, including Newcastle Metro, London Vauxhall, Richmond, Basingstoke and Staines.

DuPont Performance Coatings

Stand G43

DuPont Performance Coatings, the experienced coatings partner of choice for the rail industry, is exhibiting at Railtex 2013 – stand G43.

Durability, high resistance to wear and low maintenance costs, coupled with pleasing aesthetics and exceptional anti-graffiti properties, characterise the DuPont CoatingSolutions eco-friendly technologies and innovative product offerings. At the show, the brand will highlight its extensive experience in coatings for both new and refurbishment projects by showcasing its internal and external coatings ranges, in particular a vast range of colour choices including metallics, and a wide variety of gloss level finishes.Class 222 010_Meridian_ in East Midlands Trains livery[2]

DuPont CoatingSolutions will also demonstrate its sustainable, technology-driven paint solutions for any application through its technical and global supply solutions. Visitors to the stand can also expect to learn about the DuPont CoatingSolutions’ training courses, which have been designed to meet any requirement for applicators.


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