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The Peli 9490: Sheer Portable Brilliance!

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The Peli 9490 LED is the latest addition to the Trackside Area lighting range. Designed as portable lighting, the 9490 offers silent, rechargeable LED light with no trailing cables.

The 9490 features a 10-LED head that extends above 1.8 metres to allow a wide area light. The mast can be rotated and the head angled to position the light where required. The unit has three pre-set light levels – high, medium and low – or the user can select their preferred run time, up to 24 hours, with the intelligent control mode.

The same – just shorter

With a shorter mast, the 9480 model has similar features. Both models are self contained systems which are easy and quick to set up. They use a rechargeable and interchangeable battery and, with an extra battery which is available as an accessory, the user can double the run time.

Product manager David Smith commented: “The Peli range of area lights eliminates the need for fuel or cumbersome expensive generators, these rechargeable systems are silent running and can be set up quickly and easily. The energy-efficient LEDs offer a considerable saving over the running costs of halogen lights.”

And that’s got to be a good thing!

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