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Proposed changes to major bottleneck on Brighton main line

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Network Rail is seeking to remove the UK’s most operationally challenging railway junction as a public consultation on the scheme enters its final month.

Located to the north of East Croydon station, the flat junctions regularly cause delays to the 1,700 trains that pass through the area each weekday, as trains often need to stop to allow others to pass in front of them. This creates a bottleneck that amplifies delays on the Brighton Main Line, its branches and the wider network.

The proposed solution is to replace the flat junctions with new viaducts, bridges and dive-unders to separate the tracks This would create clear routes for trains and remove the current need for trains to wait at red signals for others to pass, resulting in a significant boost in service reliability.

John Halsall, Network Rail managing director, southern region, said: “I’m really pleased to see we’ve already had a strong response to the public consultation, and encourage both Brighton Main Line passengers and communities along the line of route who have yet to do so, to take the time to give us their feedback.

“We know these proposals are critical as they are the only way to deliver a combination of more reliable, more frequent and faster services for passengers on the Brighton main line and its branches.”


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