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National Track Plant Exhibition: Have you registered yet?

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Over 140 exhibitors and more than 1,800 people have now registered to attend the two-day day, open air, live National Track Plant Exhibition taking place at Long Marston, Stratford-upon-Avon, July 24-25.

The free-to-attend event is open to anyone who works in the rail industry and has been organised by Network Rail’s track delivery team, with support from the Rail Alliance and The Rail Engineer.

On the day there will be practical demonstrations of track delivery methods, innovations and plant, as well as innovative track construction methods.

Steve Featherstone, programme director, track, said: “We now have over 140 suppliers signed up to exhibit both on-and-off-track plant and hand-held tools and we expect around 2,000 people over the two days.

“We’re bringing in big, rail-mounted kit, which will allow our suppliers to stage large-scale demonstrations, such as live track renewals.”

Steve added: “Our smaller suppliers often have good ideas, but don’t know how to get them into the industry, so this is a good event for them to attend as well and meet with the product approval team.”

At the first National Plant Show, Babcock will be facilitating a Track Renewal Environment in which they can demonstrate some innovative plant working and renewal of 320 meters of track – the first time this has ever been attempted at a plant show. Members of the Babcock campaign delivery team will be on hand to demonstrate and share ideas and techniques on the kind of track renewals they would normally undertake in midweek nights.

SigAssure MALP 1st shown at WestwoodWithin the worksite, they can show how the Non-Intrusive Crossover has helped with overcoming site constraints and how their supply chain partners Quattro Plant and Korec will be supporting the renewal with 3D Trimble GPS excavation control, with McCulloch removing and installing track using their innovative tracked machines.

One success from previous shows at Westwood was the innovation of companies, for example the SigAssure Group MALP.

The MALP first showcased at the Westwood Show in 2011, has since gone onto receive three separate approvals within Network Rail and is currently on trial with London Underground. It has also been shipped to Australia, Germany, Holland, France and Belgium where it is being tested by their respective authorities.

The MALP can be configured to safely transport 100kg in single mode, 200kg in tandem mode, or upgraded to carry 200kg in single mode or 400kg in double mode, with a range of platforms to suit different tasks.

The MALP remains true to its original design brief – light enough for one person to assemble, use and carry from a normal road vehicle to the trackside- and remains the only Track Trolley in the world that fits into a bag.

There will be a prize for delegates at the show who can assemble and use the MALP the quickest.

Another innovation, which has never been seen before, will be the Keltbray Sound Blanket – a sound barrier that wraps around piling operations reducing the noise impact of piling operations by 15 to 20 per cent. With a lot of work going on in or around cities and towns these days, anything that can be done to reduce noise impact especially at nights and weekends has to be a good thing.Keltbray Sound Blanket

Keltbray will also be showcasing a Komatsu PC228, a Movac Piling Hammer with the Keltbray Sound Blanket in situ, a Manirailer an LRB 17 Road-Rail Vehicle from SRS Sjölanders.

During the two-day exhibition, Babcock International Group will be coordinating an on-site renewal of 320 yards of track, using innovative equipment, methodologies and processes from a range of industry suppliers.

Steve Featherstone added: “Many of our senior track managers will be there, as will our suppliers and our product acceptance team, to explain how they’re working to get the right solutions for us in a cost-effective way.”

Due to the nature of the live exhibition, demonstrations and moving plant, there is no entry to the event without a ticket or PPE consisting of : Hi-vis t-shirt/vest or jacket, hi-vis trousers, boots and hard hat.

To order PPE, please click here.

With just 12 days left to the show, visitors are now being urged to register for this free to attend event by clicking www.nationalplantexhibition.com

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