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Mott MacDonald in Norway

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Mott MacDonald has been appointed by Bybanen Utybgging, a subsidiary company of Hordaland County Council, to carry out the detailed design, preparation of procurement documentation and stakeholder management for Stage 3 of the Bergen light rail transport system in Norway.

The role includes all civil, systems and environmental design, architecture, landscape, noise and vibration, traction power substations and ancillary buildings.

Bergen light rail is part of the Bergen programme for transportation, urban development and the environment.

The project aims to coordinate and prioritise public transport, environmental issues, road construction and pedestrian and cycle paths over a twenty year period.

The final decision to start construction came in 2005, followed by the construction of the first 10km section between Bybarken in the centre of Bergen and Nesttun terminal opening in June 2010.

Stage 2, which connects Nesttun terminal and Rådal at the Lagunen shopping centre, is approximately 4km and is expected to be completed by the summer of 2013.

Costing an estimated €220 million, Stage 3 comprises 7.2km of double track from Rådal to Flesland airport, 2.8km of tunnels and over 1km of structures including a feature structure over the Flyplassvegen at Birkelandsskiftet.

This bridge will carry the tram over the airport road and will mark the gateway to Bergen.



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