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Infrarail seminars: Supplier Engagement and Project Delivery

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On Thursday 3 May at 10:30, Simon Kirby, Managing Director – Investment Projects at Network Rail will be presenting the Keynote Speech ‘Supplier Engagement and Project Delivery – Network Rail’s New Approach’ at Infrarail.

There has been much talk about how Network Rail will approach the delivery of Infrastructure Projects in the future.

Discussion has taken place about Network Rail forming its own infrastructure contracting organisation, either to fulfil its own contracts or even to compete against its existing suppliers.

Simon Kirby will take the opportunity at Infrarail 2012 to clarify all those points as he details Network Rail’s new approach to project delivery.

He will also cover how the company will engage with its major suppliers in the future.

Devolution has brought a new way of working to the railways, and these new Network Rail initiatives will continue that process.

If Simon doesn’t address a particular point of interest, there is always the question and answer session after his talk in which outstanding points can be addressed.

This is a rare chance to hear directly from one of Network Rail’s main board directors on how future policy will affect the entire industry.


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