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Infrarail 2016 preview: Part 1

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GRP platform systems and structures

Access Design & Engineering D15

Access Design & Engineering (ADE) specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of GRP rail platforms as well as structures such as GRP ballast retention walls, location cabinets, drivers’ walkways, debris screens and the end of platform gates and fences.Access Design [online]

Part of the Lionweld Group, which has been in operation for over 100 years, Access Design & Engineering has been in the rail industry for over 15 years. The company has worked on the design, manufacture and installation of GRP decking systems for platforms on over 100 stations.

Platforms can be a GRP deck with a GRP sub-frame or ADE’s new hybrid system which has a number of steel sub-frame options with a GRP deck.

Ease of installation, reduced possession times, lightweight and maintenance free are many of the benefits associated with this system, a scale replica of which will be on display on stand D15.

Lightweight troughs and lids, and a whole lot more

Anderton Concrete Products F30

Anderton Concrete’s name is synonymous with quality in terms of product, high levels of customer service and deliverability.

AndertonThis year, the Anderton stand will showcase several innovative products: the new Ander-Lift tool in conjunction with Anderlite troughing and Easi-Lift lids as well as the theft deterrents Ander-Clip and Ander-Fin.

In addition to these new product ranges, visitors will be able to talk with experts about Anderton’s traditional portfolio of high-quality concrete troughs in a variety of sizes and shapes, including tee- pieces, transitions and curves, designed to comply with Network Rail standards.

And on top of all that, Anderton Concrete also offers the widest range of complementary precast products into the UK rail industry, including drainage catchpits, signal bases, point rod rollers, ballast boards and posts, postmix and much, much more. It’s all on stand F30.

Stay safe stay visible!

Arco B17

Arco will be showcasing the latest hi-vis hazardwear designed to make rail workers stand out.

In 2014-15, the number of workforce major injuries on the non-mainline, as reported via RIDDOR, reached a record high of 65, an increase of 14.0% on the previous year. Many of these injuries are due to being struck by a moving vehicle, therefore staying visible when working in poorly lit conditions is paramount to worker safety.

Infrarail will see the launch of the rail industry’s first comprehensive range of specifically designed women’s hazardwear garments. Arco has worked closely withARCO top women working within the industry to develop this brand new collection, which has been purposely designed to fit a woman’s body shape whilst delivering a high level of protection to keep them safe at work.

The Arco EDGE 5000 and Arco’s Axcess locker systems are rugged, versatile, and easy-to- use automated dispensers which track, manage and control PPE and other indirect consumable usage at the point-of-work.

Customers using this vending system have benefitted from savings of up Lightweight troughs and lids, and a whole lot more to 40% on PPE purchases while ensuring that all access to the correct PPE for the job they are doing.

Falls from height remain the most common form of workplace fatality. Total Access (UK), now part of the Arco family, supplies harnesses and restraint equipment to prevent accidents and experts will be on hand to explain the benefits of its safety training and rescue services in three key areas – Confined Space Supervision and Rescue, Rope Access Maintenance and CCTV Examination Services for Underground Asset Inspections.

Cleaning and maintenance challenge

Arrow Solutions B20

Arrow Solutions is keen to help the rail industry solve its problems by offering access to more than 45 years of technical experience and world class manufacturing facilities at its 16-acArrowre site in Derbyshire.

Specialists from the firm will be on stand B20 to discuss these challenges and solutions for overcoming them. A similar exercise at Railtex 2015 assisted more than 20 different companies on problems ranging from breaking down limescale and keeping windows clean, to protecting paintwork and maintaining effluent tanks.

In addition, Arrow Solutions will be showcasing its comprehensive range of cleaning and maintenance products that have been specifically designed and manufactured for the rail industry. These include Supersolve HD (electronic cleaner for critical surfaces), Reline (professional line marking paint) and Lotoxane® (safe, non-flammable degreaser) as well as winter maintenance products such as Thaw (for defrosting platforms and walkways), Universal De-Icer (for de-icing ballast, points and rails) and Winter Grade Screenwash (which works to -20°C).

Cables and accessories available locally 

Cable Services A14

The Cable Services Group was founded in 1971 and is the UK’s leading specialist electrical distributor, stocking and supplying both cable and cable accessories to the domestic and international markets, sourced from a select number of leading product manufacturers from UK locations. Cable Services Group has a number of Cable Servicesbranches across the UK to help service customers more efficiently. In addition, a full technical back up is available to customers on all the products supplied by the Group.

Located at Stand A14, Cable Services will be showcasing items from its product portfolio that are specifically designed for rail infrastructure.

Active cabinets for sensitive equipment

Cannon Technologies Group B64

Cannon Technologies will be demonstrating its latest range of indoor and outdoor cabinet products including the next generation of modular ACU outdoor cabinets.

CannonA key part of maintaining the integrity of a network is the use of high quality active cabinets that protect the sensitive electronic equipment that keeps the information flowing. The attitude that ‘it’s just a cabinet and they’re all the same’ creates issues that could be avoided both initially and in the future.

Active Cabinets are used in a wide variety of outdoor locations both station-side and platform- side and are often the first line of defence. Exposed to the elements, cabinets are designed to resist the effects of sun, rain, dust and other debris, and must be able to withstand the potential for damage as a result of vandalism. In addition, they not only enhance functionality but also offer greater flexibility and have features that can save time and money.

Clipping and unclipping and drilling holes

Cembre D18

Cembre will launch the next- generation models of both its bench mark Pandrol clip insertion/extraction machines and the battery powered variant of its globally successful Rail Drill.Cembre [online]

With a completely re-engineered petrol-powered Pump unit, the new generation Cembre PCM machines are robust and capable of lifting sleepers to assist FC and FE clip insertion. The clamp base units now feature adjustable springs rather than gas struts whose operation is subject to vagaries in the weather.

Advances in the capability of both electric motors and battery technology are expertly combined in the latest 36V version of the Cembre Rail Drill, the lightest in the world. Whether in a location where fuel-driven machines are prohibited or one that is remote from a mains power supply, the new LD16B unit, used with the latest Cembre designed Broach Cutters and its renowned lubrication system, delivers a commanding low noise, zero emissions performance which is effectively available ‘anywhere, anyhow, anytime’.

Composite solutions reduce maintenance

Dura Composites B21

Dura Composites will be exhibiting its latest range of composite solutions for the rail industry at this year’s Infrarail.

Located on stand B21, Dura Composites products for the rail industry include award- winning station platforms, ballast retention, walkways, raised access solutions Dura topand safety handrailing and offer increased safety, reduced maintenance costs and shorter possession times on busy networks.

At Infrarail 2016, Dura Composites will be officially unveiling its brand new Sector Product Guide and new Interactive Touchscreen Product Presentation, allowing potential customers to fully appreciate the benefits of composite materials as the ideal replacement for traditional wood, metal and concrete.

New products on show for the first time include Dura Slab Structural Stair Treads (composite stair treads with a built-in riser for rapid installation), fibre-reinforced plastic dagger boards for the ultimate low-maintenance canopy finish, and the latest developments in our award-winning Dura Platform.

Remedial polymers save time and money


DWG, suppliers of polyurethane life-extension products for track and infrastructure, will once again be featuring the WVCO range of maintenance equipment and materials.

Spikefast is now fully approved for use on the UK’s rail infrastructure and DWG is now working with Network Rail to introduce it at training schools around the country as part of S&C reliability briefings.DWG

In addition to the UK, DWG is now supplying Ireland, Belgium and Singapore, and has recently got approval to supply Zimbabwe.

Fastpatch is also approved for rail and transport infrastructure. Major breakthroughs have been street-running remedial works for Nottingham Tram Phase 2 and repairs on slab track for both Network Rail and London Underground. Other infrastructure areas that are using Fastpatch are Freightliner, Southampton Airport and PotterLogistics.

On-site catering for large and small projects

Express Catering A34

Express Catering will be exhibiting at Infrarail for the first time and is looking forward to meeting new and existing customers.

Having supplied many Rail companies in recent years including Virgin Rail, Carillion Rail and ISS Labour, Express Catering is familiar with the stringent standards required to work in a rail environment.

Expess CateringWith temporary periods of disruption, catering is now almost standard for any rail works. This assists in keeping the workforce alert and enthusiastic and, just as importantly, contained on site.

From grab-and-go options and site canteens to packed lunches, Express Catering is on hand 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year and is able to work nationwide at a moment’s notice.

As well as offering on-site catering solutions for 20 people, Express Catering can also look after a few thousand with site canteens, shops and launderettes.

Why not try out an Express Catering coffee on stand A34 while discussing your requirements?

New high-integrity conduit fitting

Flexicon E41

Flexicon will be showcasing a new non-metallic conduit fitting that offers better system integrity than anything currently available on the market. It has been designed with input and feedback from customers in the rail market.

FlexiconExposure to extreme and diverse hazards is commonplace within the rail industry, leading to a requirement for technical solutions rather than just the supply of components. Rail systems can potentially fail if the cabling is not adequately protected. Hazards faced include rain, snow and ice, UV light, thermal cycling and differing temperatures, vibration, impact, abrasion resistance and dynamic pull of strength.

IRIS accredited for the design, development and manufacture of flexible conduit cable protection systems, Flexicon provides a wide range for rail applications. The company’s products meet a number of international rail standards and have product registration certificates issued by London Underground.

Wiper systems and high-quality fabrications

Hepworth Rail B80

Hepworth RaiHepworthl is not only the world’s leading supplier of rail windscreen wiper equipment and control systems, but also offers a total service in custom- made fabrications in a wide range of metals and forms.

Accredited to standards such as IRIS 2, ISO 9001 and EN15085, Hepworth is able to maintain the highest levels of quality throughout the business. The fabrications division manufactures everything from heavy-duty, safety critical bracketry to cable trays. Heavy investment in new machining equipment means that the company can manufacture a large variety of fabricated components, not only for vehicles but also for trackside equipment. Fully trained in 3D SolidWorks, 2D AutoCAD, design analysis and specialist design simulation packages, Hepworth’s design team works closely with clients, suggesting ideas to reduce costs by simplifying the manufacturing process.

Cordless tools and fastening solutions

Hilti D25

Hilti will show its comprehensive range of cordless power tools suitable for a wide range of applications on the railway infrastructure. In addition, visitors will be able to see the company’s portfolio of fixing and fastening solutions that offer increased productivity along with health and safety benefits.

Of particular interest will be the GX 120-ME gas-actuated tool, used for the installation of cross- track cabling (wood and metal sleepers), and the X-BT solution X-BT solution [online]for installing track circuit connections. Awarded ‘Most Improved Small Plant Operator’ by Network Rail in 2014, Hilti provides a range of solutions to Network Rail including a large number of cordless tools (22V and 36V platform) and TE 1000-AVR Breakers with TE-S TT Ballast chisels to pack (or tamp) the ballast material under railway tracks.

Now, two new and improved batteries will make cordless tools feel like new. See them on stand D25.

Specialist tools for safer working

Jafco Tools B11

Jafco Tools is reRTCL38-O_Reverse_lift_trough_lifter_45_angle_FINALnowned for the manufacture of specialist hand tools for use in safety critical situations.

The majority of the extensive tool range features the significant advantages of pultruded fibreglass handles.

Committed to continuous product development, Jafco has conducted extensive research to produce its own high specifications, ensuring that its specialised tools are designed to deliver superior strength, performance and durability in all situations.

Currently under development, in conjunction with Network Rail, is a reverse-lift insulated trough cover lifter to make the sometimes hazardous task of removing trough lids simpler, safer and easier due to hand and foot injuries occurring in the past. Also new to the market are an insulated inspection mirror, with an acrylic mirror bonded into a polycarbonate housing with twin handles and a nine-LED torch, and a plug coupler tool which can be used to connect and disconnect the TPWS trackside loop power connection.

Money down the drain is well spent on rail maintenance

Lanes Group E31

Drainage has been the poor relation in rail maintenance in the past, as operators focus on customer- facing assets and often technically challenging safety-critical functions like signalling.

That ‘out of sight, out of mind’ tendency is being increasingly challenged, not least for urban tram systems, says Richard Leigh, business development director at drainage specialists Lanes Group.

“The complexity of constructing and operating urban tram lines, many running along city streets, means getting the drainage right, and keeping it right, is critical,” he says.

“The difficulty of fitting in additional underground assets in an already cramped and complex structure and utility environment also makes effective ongoing drainage maintenance a vital concern.”

Drains for trams2CC tram crossing - Lanes Group

Construction of a second Metrolink tramline through the heart of Manchester city centre is a case in point. The Second City Crossing (2CC) makes up for its size, at just 1.3km, with its importance, providing much needed new city centre capacity for Metrolink.

Plotting existing sewers and drains along the planned route of 2CC, due for completion in 2017, is helping engineers and designers shoehorn the tram line’s drainage assets into what is already there.

The Lanes teams is also carrying out CCTV drainage surveys and cleansing new track drainage as sections of the line are laid. This work is identifying some potentially critical issues, such as two broadband cable pipes, driven at right angles right through a 950mm diameter brick culvert.

Manchester City Council, which owns the asset, gave permission for 2CC construction consortium MPT to channel water through pipes and fill the void above with concrete, to ensure the culvert could take the weight of the tram line.

Sewer strengthening was also a key issue for Phase 2 of Nottingham’s NET tram expansion, a new 17.5km line which opened last year.

Severn Trent Water required the strengthening of 750mm of large diameter sewer pipe. Lanes completed the task by lining the sewer, including using a technique that hardens the liner with ultra violet light (UV).

UV pipe lining is faster, overcomes key access problems and creates minimal hazardous waste, all benefits that are valued in rail construction and maintenance environments.

Continuing issues with another tramline in the north of England illustrate the need for effective ongoing drainage maintenance. Lanes is helping the operator deal with pinch points where blockages in surface water pipes lead to localised flooding, which disrupts services, and causes consternation for other road users and businesses.

Relatively narrow pipe work, some with sharp turns, adds to blockage risks. This requires regular attention, especially during periods of inclement weather, which climate experts warn are becoming more frequent.

Lanes Group is also taking to the skies, developing an award-winning aerial survey service using UAVs. The BIM-compliant data generated is helping plan work on drainage and other structures, as is 3D terrestrial laser scanning, a technique offered by Lanes’ new Professional Services department.

Richard Leigh commented: “Critical factors such as increasing passenger numbers, ageing assets, more turbulent weather, as well as advances both in survey and repair technologies, are all increasing the focus on rail drainage maintenance, which has to be positive.”

High slip-resistance self-adjusting clamp

Lindapter B60

Lindapter will be launching its latest steel connection solution, the Type AAF Clamp. Specifically designed for high load requirements, including frictional, tensile and combined load applicaExploded AAF Assembly - Friction & Tensile_clippedtions, this clamp is now available in M20 size due to popular demand.

Typical applications include securing architectural façades to station buildings, adding digital displays to platforms and building new steel-framed depots, while
specialist applications include the structural reinforcement of station roofs and bridges.

Made from low temperature SG iron to EN 1563 and hot dip galvanised to EN ISO 1461, the clamp offers high load capacities and corrosion protection in temperatures down to -60°C, where impact strength is important. The design self- adjusts to suit 6-30mm flange thicknesses, allowing a quicker, easier and more convenient installation process than drilling or welding.

With over 80 years’ experience as a premium British manufacturer, Lindapter has an extensive range of product approvals and all products have independently approved safe working loads. Visitors to Lindapter’s stand will be able to pick up a copy of the new Lindapter catalogue and rail brochure, including a list of products that are Network Rail approved.

A venue with history is perfect for conferences

National Railway Museum A20

The National Railway Museum, home to over 300 years of rail history and over a million fascinating objects, is the world’s greatest railway museum and a multi-award winning venue for hire.National Railway Museum [online]

There is a dedicated conference centre with six meeting rooms and two atmospheric halls for dinners and dances. New for 2016 is the versatile ‘Gallery’ which can accommodate up to 200 people theatre-style and is perfect for conferences, product launches or exhibitions.

Delegates at the National Railway Museum receive complimentary Wi-Fi and car parking, plus tours of the exhibitions can be arranged to enhance their experience of this unique venue.


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