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Embankment repairs near Whitby will keep trains running

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Network Rail and contractor AmcoGiffen are repairing a railway embankment near the seaside town of Whitby to protect the railway from landslips.

The embankment, which is on the west bank of the Esk and to the south of the A171 bridge, has been monitored for the last several months after minor movement was detected.  Now, Network Rail is carrying out preventive work to stop this movement and to remove the risk of a landslip.

Trees and plants have been cleared from the embankment as part of the work. This is necessary as trees and their roots can cause movement which can lead to landslips. Teams have also removed impacted soil from the top half of the embankment, and this will be replaced with rock.

Work taking place to railway embankment in Whitby.

To allow the work to take place safely, a section of the Esk Valley Walk public footpath which passes through the caravan park has been closed. The footpath at the bottom of the embankment remains open. The work will not impact on train services.

Network Rail has been in touch with residents in the area to advise them of the work, which will complete before Christmas.

Matt Rice, route director for Network Rail’s North and East Route, said: “Keeping passengers moving safely and reliably is our top priority, and carrying out this preventive work will enable us to keep doing that.

“The work will mean some short-term changes to a public footpath in the area, but we plan to have it back open as soon as possible.”


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