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Atkins awarded £29m resignalling contract in Anglia

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Network Rail has awarded Atkins a £29 million contract for the resignalling of the 42km route from Norwich, through Great Yarmouth, to Lowestoft.

Atkins will provide a full suite of GRIP Stage 5 to 8 design, engineering, construction, testing and commissioning services.

Mechanical interlockings will also be replaced by Alstom’s programmable ElectroLogIXS digital interlockings.

The resignalling works will see trackside infrastructure – such as cabling and relays – removed, with the new hardware monitored and controlled from a new digital control centre at Colchester Signalling Centre.

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The work will result in less equipment to maintain and better value for money in terms of the capital and operational costs for buying and running the system. The project is due for completion in spring 2019.

Atkins transportation programme direction Adam Parsons said: “Using a digital interlocking system deployed with our overall system architecture significantly reduces the amount of time which track engineers will be required to spend in safety-critical environments, maintaining and repairing signalling systems.”

Network Rail’s programme director for signalling Huw Edwards added: “This scheme will really benefit passengers by improving reliability on this line as part of our Railway Upgrade Plan.

“We’re also going to be improving safety on the railway by upgrading six level crossings and putting in technology to make the railway safer for all.”

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