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Digitally enabled modular bridges

Build, build, build! – heartening words for construction. Better, greener, faster – the imperatives for the industry. But what remains unspoken is the poor...

CP6: A game of two halves

Railway control periods are a lot like the World Cup. They come around every few years, cost billions to deliver and the performances aren’t...

Tipping the balance towards a digital future

The application of digital technology onto the UK’s crowded rail network seems to be the logical answer to the pressing concerns of capacity, reliability...

Rail Partnership Awards returns for 2018

Railway companies big and small are vying to be recognised as one of Network Rail’s top suppliers at the 2018 Rail Partnership Awards.

On board ScotRail’s new Class 385

Rail Engineer editor David Shirres was given the opportunity to ride on one of ScotRail’s new Hitachi-built Class 385 units during one of its mileage accumulation runs.

Poor asset management can have catastrophic consequences

Matthew Justin, technical director at WSP, explains why asset management matters and what the consequences can be when things go wrong. Why worry about asset...

In case you missed it – Safeguarding maintenance depots

On 23 February 2017, it was 10 years since the last passenger or staff fatality in a train accident on Great Britain’s national main line rail network.

In case you missed it – How many railway technicians does it take to change a light bulb?

This may sound like one of those silly quiz questions, but it is actually quite a serious one. And the answer can vary tremendously...

In case you missed it – Industry workshop on track-bridge interaction

An informative and productive industry workshop about track-bridge interaction was held recently at the Somerset County Cricket ground in Taunton. The workshop brought together...

Essential functions in rail telecommunication network modelling

[Sponsored] Due to the advent of high capacity bandwidth technology, an innovative approach to mapping new age Synchronous Data Hierarchy (SDH) in rail networks is needed.

C2E – Crossrail 1 1/2?

With the main Crossrail project now mostly complete, and with tracks running right through the new tunnels, there has been much talk of Crossrail 2 as the next project, crossing under London from South West to North East and linking Wimbledon with the Leigh Valley.

Issue 158 – Getting it right

Rail Engineer’s editor, David Shirres, gives his thoughts on some of the topics addressed in issue 158 – Keep Calm and Think Blue? The right...