Exhibitors: D – F

Dieselec Thistle Generators – F64

Dieselec Thistle Generators (DTG) is a UK-based diesel generator specialist that supplies, installs and maintains power-generation equipment across the country, providing customers with products and support throughout the life cycle of their generator set.

Backed by a global generator manufacturer, FG Wilson, DTG’s experience in the rail sector is second to none. The business offers turnkey solutions to the most complex of projects including full design, supply, installation and testing of standby power systems. Network Rail-certified generators from six to 3000kVA are held in stock, along with genuine spare parts for immediate delivery, servicing and maintenance including 24/7 emergency support, and on-site training for customer teams.

All fuel systems are DEFRA/PPG3 compliant.

The generator on display at Infrarail 2018 will be an FG Wilson P65-6 open genset as most of the Network Rail-approved sets which are supplied to major rail projects are simply too big to have on the stand!

Dura Composites – C70

Dura Composites will be exhibiting its latest range of composite solutions for the rail industry at this year’s Infrarail.

Located on stand C70, Dura Composites products for the rail industry include award-winning station platforms, ballast retention, walkways, raised access solutions and safety handrailing and offer increased safety, reduced maintenance costs and shorter possession times on busy networks.

View the latest developments in the award-winning Dura Platform – design engineered for added strength, the solid surface of the platform (on a 600mm plank) removes longitudinal plates, covering 75 per cent of platform fixings creating an aesthetically pleasing finish.

At Infrarail 2018, Dura Composites will be making available its comprehensive Fire Safety Compliancy Guide in accordance with Network Rail policy, allowing potential customers to fully appreciate the safety benefits of composite materials as the ideal replacement for traditional wood, metal and concrete.

Join Dura Composites directors Stuart Burns and Tom Bowman on Wednesday at 3.10pm, as they talk in depth about fire safety standards for composite products in the rail industry.

Visit the Dura Composites stand and learn more about our latest rail solutions for your next project.

Elis Patents – H50

Ellis Patents, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of safety critical cable cleating systems, will be showing two different types of tunnel walls and the cleat installations for them.

Products included on the stand will be large cleats including Cable Guide Clamp, Centaur, and bespoke Centaur trefoil cleat.

Cable hangers will also be on show, including the Pegasus hanger, which is London Underground-approved. The hanger material is a high strength nylon especially formulated to meet the requirements of the London Underground 1-085 specification. The extruded aluminium spine is marine grade and is designed to offer high strength and rigidity. Resistance to ‘self-corrosion’ and ‘bi-metallic corrosion’ are considered in the design and the non-metallic nature of the materials ensures that corrosion would not occur even in the harshest of environments.

The company’s latest product, the ‘No Bolts Cleat’, was designed specifically for Network Rail and has recently being given PADS approval.

Emerson Crane Hire – G16

Emerson Crane Hire has vast experience with the various facets and limitations of the working environment within the rail industry. Knowledge and experience gained over the years has proven to be invaluable and Emerson can assist, right from the planning stages, to enhance the successful completion of numerous and varied projects.

The company is also able to offer a design, fabrication and testing facility for any bespoke lifting accessories.

Although its equipment is too big to get into the hall at Infrarail, Emerson Crane Hire will be exhibiting on stand G16 and will have a couple of new products coming online soon, such as the new Liebherr LTM1450 mobile crane with 450-tonne lifting capacity and a Spierings SK1266-AT6 mobile tower crane.

Show visitors will also be able to find out about new offerings from the transport and training divisions.

Erlau – G57

Erlau, a brand of the RUD Group, was founded in 1828 in Germany, and is a leading manufacturer of outdoor furniture with solutions for a range of public spaces such as councils and public realms, transport, education, leisure and health sectors.

The Erlau product portfolio features a variety of benches, seating systems, table and seat combinations and bicycle parking solutions. Its furniture offers customers a great degree of flexibility due to their modular capabilities which allows you to combine certain feet, seating parts, inserts of benches, tables and seat combinations together to create the finished product.

One of Erlau’s latest innovations is the customisable bench backrest which allows customers to customise the backrest of the bench to their specific marketing requirements. The backrest, which is digitally printed, abrasion resistant and anti scratch coated to ISO 9352, can be used for maps and advertising messages.

ETAP – K34

ETAP Train Power Simulation – eTraX™ software includes the most accurate, user-friendly and flexible software tools for analysing, managing, and simulating low and medium voltage for both AC and DC train power systems in extend to the grid distribution network.

eTraX provides data centralisation for geospatial information system (GIS), traction and power infrastructure, signalling power supply, train route, train schedule, rolling stock, train performance results, energy demand, protection and operation. Using advanced geospatial asset information and graphical GIS map view, eTraX allows for the modelling, simulation, prediction and optimization of rail infrastructure hence reducing capital cost.

Features of the eTraX solution for analysis and operation for rail traction systems:

·        Integrated geospatial, schematics, planning, protection and operations solution;
·        Analyse low and medium voltage AC and DC rail power systems;
·        Verified and validated against benchmarks and global standards;
·        Train performance calculation, voltage drop, fault analysis and harmonics;
·       Sequence of events playback for root cause and effect analysis;
·       Conceptual design and study to system integration and operation;
·        Traction eSCADA with real time predictive simulation.

eTraX applications are modular and include intelligent power monitoring, real-time predictive simulation and eSCADA. eTraX provides a state-of-the-art design and management solution for the electrical network life-cycle of the rail traction power system.

European Springs & Pressings – C54

European Springs & Pressings, with its two factories in London and Cornwall, sales office in Northern Ireland and stocking facility in Yorkshire, is a dynamic, proactive, innovative, lean manufacturer with exceptional engineering expertise in the spring coiling, wire forming and pressing industries. It is also well established, celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2018.

Serving clients across the rail sector, from major blue-chip manufacturers right down to specialist niche companies, the company is quite different from other UK spring makers in that it covers a whole variety of disciplines. It manufactures tension, torsion and compression springs with diameters from 0.03mm to 65mm, pressings and multi-slides up to 130 tonnes and has an unlimited design spectrum of wire forms.

With a broad market reach, many businesses, large and small, have gone to European Springs and Pressings for innovative engineering solutions, looking for advice and professionalism that can deliver a quality tailored service specific to their need.

Fleda Trading – A14

Fleda Trading is an Italian company that specialises in manufacturing metal seating for waiting rooms, as well as other items such as lockers.

Installed in many station waiting rooms throughout Europe, the seats are very strong, made of high quality steel and combine elegance with safety. One result of this combination is the “TN Series”, with an elegant design and either chromed or painted seats.

There are also ‘back-to-back’ models, of which a six-seater (3+3) is Fleda’s best-seller.

The company also produces self-assembly lockers. These are supplied ‘flat-pack’, with the components well protected from damage by felt and polystyrene packaging.

Flexicon – G51

Flexicon will be showcasing its range of Network Rail (PADS) approved Cable Protection Systems along with a brand new UK Rail Infrastructure Brochure at Infrarail 2018.

The new UK Rail Infrastructure Brochure is a handy Contractor and Installer guide to Cable Protection for Companies working on UK Rail Infrastructure, detailing all the products and solutions. It lists all the PADS Catalogue numbers and also features Flexicon’s range of 14 Approved Conduit Systems compliant with Transport for London Standard – TFL S1085 for London Underground and Crossrail.

Flexicon was the UK’s first flexible conduit manufacturer to receive Network Rail’s enhanced PADS approval for flexible conduits, glands and accessories intended for use in signalling and infrastructure applications (including applications prone to flooding or prolonged immersion under water).

Technical experts will be available throughout the show to advise customers on the most suitable product for their application and how Flexicon systems can help to improve uptime, availability and performance.

Freyssinet – E75

Freyssinet has been at the forefront of specialised civil engineering technology, consultancy and installation since 1950. Specialising in repairs, the company is renowned for delivering innovative solutions and pushing the envelope of structural and civil engineering.

Operating as principle contractor, specialist subcontractor and supplier throughout the UK and Ireland, Freyssinet supports its full product and service range with an in-house engineering design team.

ElevArch® is a patented technique which involves cutting a brick bridge arch free from its abutments and wing walls so it can be jacked skywards to enlarge the space below it. A horizontal saw cut is made through each abutment, and vertical lifting jacks are inserted, supporting the weight of the bridge.

Meanwhile, four vertical slip bearings are inserted into slots cored through the four wing walls, preventing the arch from spreading horizontally whilst allowing vertical movement. Once these are in place, the final cuts are made and lifting can begin.

Fugro – A19

Fugro will feature its range of RailData solutions on stand A19, including its revolutionary RILA 3.0 system – a remote, flexible, train-mounted survey system that achieves engineering-accuracy data on the rail corridor. It delivers step changes in asset management and leads the way in predictive maintenance.

With RILA 3.0 Fugro has integrated the RILA Track and RILA 360 systems within a single, compact, autonomous measurement module. The new system (RILA 3.0) can be easily mounted to any (passenger) train in the world. It delivers the same accuracy and full package of data products as earlier systems but in a combined form.

The end result is an accurate, absolute XYZ model of all the objects in and around the track, including overhead line equipment (OLE).

The technology also offers a clearly defined health and safety benefit, as no surveyors are required to be on or near the tracks during survey acquisition.