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What to see at Railtex 2013 #7

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In the run up to Railtex, Rail.co and the rail engineer will be looking at the must-see innovations on display at this year’s event.

Hurst Green Plastics

Stand H13

Hurst Green Plastics has worked with many of the World’s largest aerospace companies such as Airbus, BAE Systems and Lufthansa and has supplied them with their unique TwinBin kanban storage system. It has now developed a heavy duty system, specifically designed to work in the rail environment.

The TripFlag system allows companies to store and dispense any type of part, consumable, fastener or fixing required by engineers to build or maintain rolling stock. Being highly visual, the TripFlag and TwinBin systems enable users to manage their stock levels very efficiently, and by incorporating RFID technology, stock management can be done remotely and in real-time._DSC0679R [online]

The TripFlag dispensers have two compartments; an in-use stock compartment and a back-up safety-stock compartment, and have a visual “trigger” when re-order is necessary.

Other benefits include reducing inventory levels, reducing man hours, reducing administrative costs, environmental contamination and reducing stock-outs.

Ixthus Instrumentation

Stand J56

Ixthus Instrumentation can now achieve accurate wheel diameter measurement in under 30 seconds! The simple to use Riftek IDK is a robust tool for maintenance engineers. Its three point measurement principle offers averaging of multiple readings to give one clear number.

The design is easy to use, either trackside or from a pit below. It offers excellent resolution to 0.01mm from an LED display, is powered from integral rechargeable batteries and weighs only 0.5 kg.

The optional bluetooth output for connection to PDA and PC based software provides for data storage and wear tracking.

Ixthus Instrumentation provides full technical support and calibration services for this and the other Riftek railway gauges – IKP wheel profiler and IMR back to back gauge.

Jewers Doors

Stand B97

Jewers Doors will be displaying its Swift sliding and folding doors, which are increasingly being specified for train and tram entrances to maintenance depots, and other vehicular openings to depots, wheel lathes, train washes, train assembly workshops and a variety of industrial buildings.

Designed, manufactured and installed by UK-based Jewers Doors, Swift doors are designed to open and close safely around live overhead-line equipment. Rail tracks are not affected by the operation of the doors, as the leaves sweep across the tracks without the need for a bottom guide channel in the threshold.

Opening horizontally, Swift doors provide full-height visibility to the train driver at all times, and can easily be interlinked with the depot protection system to prevent accidents.

Swift doors are simple to design into new-build projects or can be retro-fitted into existing buildings to replace tired roller shutters or overhead doors.


Stand F34

KOREC specialises in the provision of construction, machine control and rail survey solutions for the Rail Industry. The KOREC team will be on hand to chat about the full range of equipment on display. Centre stage will be the GEDO rail trolley equipped with laser scanning capabilities. This provides accurate as-built survey documentation and clearance information for railway track maintenance and modernisation.

The Aibotix Aibot X6 hexacopter will also be on the stand, allowing delegates a first hand view of the product which featured on Channel 5’s The Gadget Show last year.

Representatives from Trimble – Ron Bisio, the General Manager for the Railway industry, and Matthew Moss, Railway Applications Engineer – will also be presenting during the Railtex show. Their seminar will be on Applications of Positioning & Scanning Technologies in Railway Construction & Operations.


Stand F71

The Kwik-Step Modular Refuge will be showcased at Railtex 2013.

Made with lightweight GRP composites the Kwik-Step Modular Refuge is designed to be installed quickly and safely by your own teams at the trackside.

With pre-assembled base frames the installation is very quick and simple, requiring only basic hand tools and minimal site preparation to assemble. Once installed the Kwik-Step Modular Refuge is ready for immediate use.

Kwik-Step Modular Stairways continue to provide the safe and simple access solution to the railway infrastructure.

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