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TSO completes Plumstead maintenance depot

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TSO, working as part of the ATC consortium (Alstom, TSO and Costain) has completed the railway maintenance depot in Plumstead. This depot, providing key infrastructure for the Crossrail project (the future Elizabeth line, crossing London from west to east), is now entering the dynamic on-track certification testing phase, prior to commissioning of the line.

The new maintenance depot will service the equipment required to maintain the line’s railway systems. It also includes accommodation buildings for maintenance personnel.

The depot includes eight sidings for passenger trains.

Work on the new depot began in September 2018 and, at peak times, involved up to 120 employees.

With its multi-expertise teams, TSO and its partners completed:

  • Track works: laying of the ballast track (4.5km) and special tracks (0.5km);
  • Installation of 3.5km of catenary (25kV);
  • Installation of electrical networks (lighting and CCTV): 4kms of cable routing;
  • Civil engineering works: construction of access platforms to trains and 2000m2 of concrete slabs for the storage of spare parts (track devices, rails, sleepers, cables, etc.), road works, drainage of surface water (5km), creation of security fences, refuelling system;
  • Construction of three buildings: a main building dedicated to maintenance teams (1000m2 on the ground, two floors), a building dedicated to work trains (1000m2 on the ground), a building dedicated to train cleaning teams;
  • Training the teams of the future site user.

Gilles Philibert, TSO managing director for major projects & International business, said: “I am pleased that TSO has successfully achieved this new milestone in multi-expertise work as part of the extraordinary Crossrail project. This success, which was appreciated by our client, demonstrates TSO’s commitment and our desire to develop in the United Kingdom.”


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