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Trams for Blackpool North

After the upgrade of the Blackpool to Fleetwood Tramway was successfully completed, a proposal was published to connect the North Pier with Blackpool North station.

It’s not the first time the two have had a tram connection. A connection from North Pier to Blackpool North station and then Layton opened in 1902 but closed in October 1936.

The new extension will trace the route of the former line as far as Blackpool North station, which will become a terminus for the tram. There are no current plans to reach Layton this time.

The tender notice for the new extension was published in March 2017 and calls for a 550 metre extension with one intermediate station, at Talbot Square. Plans are for the £21 million project to be approved by the end of 2017 with construction starting in 2018 and services running by April 2019.

Interestingly, the new tramway will (nearly) connect Blackpool’s two main railway stations. Blackpool South is a seven-minute walk from Waterloo Road tram stop, from where trams will connect to Blackpool North.


  1. What is the estimated travelling time for a tram leaving North Pier for North Station and returning to North Pier taking into account the time taken for unloading passengers and their luggage from said tram and reloading similar at the North Station plus the changing ends for the tram driver.Blackpool Council/Transport are unable to supply answers despite my numerous attempts.There MUST be some sort of timetable as the trams using the extension will be joining the promenade on THE SAME TRACK not a separate track so all routes would have to work in conjunction with each other!I don’t see how this is possible without causing massive congestion in Talbot Square!Every journey would have a different time scale.


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