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Tram-Train pilot in Sheffield to act as blueprint for future schemes

The success of South Yorkshire’s Tram Train service has resulted in it being used as a blueprint to benefit future UK transport schemes, as a two-year pilot to test the pioneering technology comes to an end.

The award-winning service has taken on 1.5 million passenger journeys on tramlines in Sheffield and the rail network in Rotherham, and celebrated a 100% satisfaction rate, since its launch in October 2018. The scheme’s success has driven a commitment for Tram Train to continue to run in South Yorkshire beyond the end of the pilot.   

Rail Minister Chris Heaton Harris, said: “The South Yorkshire Tram Train is a flagship scheme that has transformed public transport connections in the region and could act as inspiration for similar schemes elsewhere.

“The £125 million invested by the Department for Transport has resulted in millions of passengers using the new network, helping unlock our economy and better connect communities.”

Around the UK, more than ten transport authorities, including Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Cardiff, are seeking to create their own Tram Train service, following the success of the South Yorkshire scheme, which was funded by the Department for Transport and delivered by South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE), Network Rail and Stagecoach Supertram.

SYPTE executive director, Stephen Edwards, said: “South Yorkshire’s Tram Train pilot – the first of its kind in the country – has demonstrated that this innovative technology has real potential to provide an additional transport option for UK urban areas. Bringing with it many benefits to local residents, businesses and communities, such as new direct connections, reduced congestion and improved air quality.

“Our region is leading the way for Tram Train learning and application in the industry. We’re proud to have delivered this important pilot locally, and to be part of the future opportunities the pioneering technology could provide – creating solid foundations for further Tram Train service and infrastructure development, both for our region and beyond.”

Ambitions have been set to extend Tram Train to other parts of South Yorkshire giving access to thousands along existing railway lines, including into Barnsley Dearne Valley, Waverly, Doncaster and Doncaster Sheffield Airport.

Providing a comprehensive range of lessons learned to the industry was a key requirement of the pilot, to progress work in future Tram Train schemes. The scheme’s monitoring tests and day to day observations over a two-year period will evaluate the connectivity and economic potential of the technology, including around cost differences, technical standards, and operations.

Tim Bilby, Managing Director of Stagecoach Supertram, said: “We are extremely proud to have helped lead the way in this award-winning and innovative trial, which will be used to develop other similar schemes round the country. Most crucially, this will support the development of further public transport connections which are critical to the country’s green recovery.

“From its launch, passenger numbers and customer satisfaction have exceeded expectations, proving that Tram Train offers an affordable and efficient way to connect Sheffield City Centre and Rotherham.”

The pilot’s significant construction milestones included installing new track, power supplies and platforms at Rotherham Central and Parkgate. All contributing to enabling the complex project to develop new standards, infrastructure and ways of working which allows vehicles to run on both tramlines and the rail network.

Nigel Wordsworth BSc(Hons) MCIJhttp://therailengineer.com
SPECIALIST AREAS Rolling stock, mechanical equipment, project reports, executive interviews Nigel Wordsworth graduated with an honours degree in Mechanical Engineering from Nottingham University, after which he joined the American aerospace and industrial fastener group SPS Technologies. After a short time at the research laboratories in Pennsylvania, USA, Nigel became responsible for applications engineering to industry in the UK and Western Europe. At this time he advised on various engineering projects, from Formula 1 to machine tools, including a particularly problematic area of bogie design for the HST. A move to the power generation and offshore oil supply sector followed as Nigel became director of Entwistle-Sandiacre, a subsidiary of the Australian-owned group Aurora plc. At the same time, Nigel spent ten years as a Technical Commissioner with the RAC Motor Sports Association, responsible for drafting and enforcing technical regulations for national and international motor racing series. Joining Rail Engineer in 2008, Nigel’s first assignment was a report on new three-dimensional mobile mapping and surveying equipment, swiftly followed by a look at vegetation control machinery. He continues to write on a variety of topics for most issues.


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