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SLC Operations launches revolutionary new 3D traction training product

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SLC Operations, a UK train operator and driver training specialist, has launched an exciting new 3D training product through its training division, The Rail Academy. 

The Rail Academy – working with its partners Creactive Design – can now produce the 3d and virtual reality training materials for any type of rolling stock – even those still in production or design – and create new or established operator training materials.   

For the first time, many operators will be able to easily refresh train drivers and operational staff on any traction, at any time, at any location without being restricted by simulator locations or visiting a train on a depot or in service.   

Cath Bellamy, Managing Director of SLC Operations and the Rail Academy explains more:  “Keeping train drivers and on board staff up to date and confident on the traction they must operate is critical to safety and performance.  But for most companies, getting access to rolling stock to refresh their staff can be inefficient, expensive and logistically difficult.   

“This is a particular challenge for staff who operate seasonal rolling stock or who must learn and refresh large fleets – some they may operate infrequently.  

“Whilst these tools won’t replace the practical handling experience needed, we believe they can play a very important role in providing more convenient and more frequent refresh training, as well as giving new staff important familiarisations during their early training.”   

This move is a quick win for the rail industry at a time when it is struggling to recover from the training backlog created by COVID 19 and makes training more appealing, modern and efficient.   

Cath Bellamy continued, “As important, is the fact we can turn around these exciting materials in a matter of weeks – not the months taken by others – so they can be put to use very quickly.”   

Watch a video to see the training materials in action:  https://www.therailacademy.com/vrtaster/   

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