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Rail Exec – Most Interesting Awards

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Rail Media is launching a new rail awards ceremony in November where you don’t need to enter to be a winner.

The ‘Rail Exec Most Interesting Awards’ has been set up to draw attention to some of the most challenging and ingenious industry projects and initiatives from the past 12 months, as decided by the team at Rail Media.

The editors and writers of The Rail Engineer and RailStaff will pick some of their favourite railway infrastructure projects, technological innovations and safety programmes, among other areas, in order to recognise and highlight the industry’s achievements as a whole.

If you have spoken to a member of the team then you could very well be on the list already.

The awards will take place on Saturday, 29 November, at Athena in Leicester. Designed in 1936 as an Odeon Cinema, Athena is now one of the East Midlands’ most extraordinary venues.

Taking on a Manhattan theme for 2014, the Rail Exec Most Interesting Awards will quickly become the place to celebrate your company’s achievements and cap off the end of another successful year.

Says Rail Media events director Lianne O’Connor, ‘The RailStaff Awards broke the mould first. They are for people, not companies. The nominees and their partners get a chance to dress up in fancy dress and enjoy a Saturday night out with excellent entertainment and then dancing to a great live band.

‘There are still awards to present, but it’s all done in a relaxed manner that is in keeping with the theme of the evening – a celebration of the people who work on our railways and their individual achievements.

‘We hope to continue this theme with the Rail Exec Most Interesting Awards and reward the organisations, as well as the people, who offer solutions to the industry’s various challenges.’