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Plant and Equipment showcase: Part II

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Part two of our look at what’s on show at this month’s Network Rail National Track Plant Exhibition.

Improved track circuit installation

Hilti has been supporting Network Rail for over a year in providing an alternative solution for the installation of Track Circuit connections. The Hilti X-BT is now industry approved and offers benefits including speed of installation, the use of lightweight small hand held tools and no requirement for an external power source (generator) or fuel.

Hilti has three different type of jigs for the main rail profiles, which will be on show at the National Track Plant Exhibition. Make a point of visiting the Hilti stand and seeing this innovative system in operation.

Modular Refuge

Kwik-Step is well known for its range of versatile and modular staircases, often used for access to sites in cuttings and on embankments. Now it can help protect workers in other applications too.

Increasing demands on the rail infrastructure from enhanced passenger and freight usage challenge inspection and maintenance opportunities. Degraded embankments, areas of red-zone working, prohibitions and unsafe cess walkways all present risks to the infrastructure maintenance teams.

The Kwik-Step Modular Refuge can reduce these risks by providing positions of safety, look-out posts and cess walkways. Kwikstep Modular Refuge [online]Constructed in lightweight GRP composites with adjustable legs to accommodate most ground conditions and high visibility GRP handrails, the Modular Refuge also features a lift-up ramp with the decking available in Flowforge galvanized steel or GRP.

Supplied with pre-assembled base frames, the Modular Refuge is designed to be installed quickly and safely at the trackside, assembly only requiring basic hand tools and minimal site preparation. Once installed the Kwik-Step Modular Refuge is ready for immediate use.

The Kwik-Step Modular Refuge and stairways continue to provide safe and simple access solutions to the railway infrastructure..

Rail friction management

LB Foster Rail Technologies is a specialist manufacturer, designer and supplier of rail lubrication dispensing equipment and top rail friction management control products. Its systems minimise costs and improve performance by reducing, increasing or controlling friction at the wheel/rail interface.

The available range of trackside lubrication systems includes the compact PROTECTOR IV ® electric lubricator featuring an efficient design that allows for easy installation whilst offering the benefits of a capacious grease reservoir.

Solutions to deliver lubrication to the gauge face include dual or single capacity tanks, a modular design for ease of installation, ‘in-street’ or ‘in-ground’ options for urban environments, and wall mounted solutions for use in restricted spaces such as tunnels. Also on offer is a range of hydraulic and mechanical lubricators to suit site-specific conditions. All units can be provided with anti-theft fittings, solar DC power or AC mains power options and Remote Performance Monitoring (RPM). LB Foster’s friction management equipment can be configured for use

with a variety of distribution bars. Each solution provides outstandingly even flow as they share a patented, field-proven design featuring balanced port layout, streamlined Teflon® coated channels and

wear-resistant distribution blades. All distribution bars are designed to fit a wide range of rail sizes and are also easily mounted to both new and worn rails: www.lbfoster.co.uk

Lightweight foam access system

Lesmac’s lightweight foam access system allows operators on site to construct a road rail access point (RRAP), simply and easily.

The crossing or access point is made from two- metre long foam sections, each of which weighs under 25kg so they can easily be hand-carried into position. Only simple site preparation is required and the completed crossing is approved for use by vehicles of up to 15 tons per axle (Network Rail Approval Number PA05/03446).

Once the job is complete, simply lift the sections and put them back in the van.

Welfare vans and accommodation

Nixon Hire provides the latest in plant, tool and accommodation hire equipment to a wide range of industries. It currently supplies products to the rail industry with many items including welfare vans and site accommodation.

Having invested over £25 million into the hire fleet since 2011, Nixon Hire’s modern machines from leading brands such as Volvo, JCB, Bomag and Thwaites, are equipped with advanced technology and the latest health and safety features.

All items also benefit from a regular servicing and maintenance programme which reduces onsite breakdowns and ensures that operations run smoothly and to schedule.

Nixon Hire customers can also access the unique service offering from Nixon eXtra – the one stop hire solution. Nixon eXtra can provide one point of contact for all site hire requirements. Nixon Hire can source equipment, co-ordinate deliveries, and provide full support throughout the length of your hire.

Operating 14 depots across the UK, Nixon Hire can support customers on a nationwide basis with competitive prices and excellent service – Nixon Hire understands how important it is to have a trusted supplier.

Brighter Lighting

Weighing only 3.81kg, Peli’s 9420 work light is ideal for trackside maintenance, particularly in remote areas. Offering Peli IND_9420 caried lower [online]instant, silent illumination the 9420 is compact and portable, folding down to just 74cm long. The mast extends above 1.5 metres, allowing a wide area of illumination.

The upgraded Peli 9430 area light now puts out a powerful 3000 lumens while the 9460 and 9470 units are also 50% brighter with longer battery burn time, up to 40 hours. They feature an “intelligent control” panel which adjusts the light output according to length of light duration required, providing a real-time display and ensuring no-one gets left in the dark.

Peli area lights offer powerful, rechargeable,
LED lighting – a safe, economic and convenient alternative to generator powered units. With silent operation and no trailing cables to create a trip hazard, no fumes are emitted and no liquid fuel
is required, improving safety and adding to the environmental benefits of this range.

Useful all-rounder, even under bridges

Rexquote’s latest machine, the Dieci Pegasus 45.19, represents a useful all around lifting machine. The attachment range available covers pallet forks, crane jibs, hydraulic winch and two access options comprising an extendable three-man basket as well as a positive/negative jib arrangement with two man basket for carrying out under bridge inspections. All these features are available even before it is on the rails.

The machine features built-in hydraulic extending stabilisers allowing the full capacity of the machine to be used in the most challenging of environments.

Once rail mounted the machine can be used to manoeuvre materials around the worksite, it can be used as a crane with the stabilisers deployed, and can be used to load and tow rail trailers.

The extending access basket can carry 3 men with a capacity of 600kg with 360 degree duty. An automatic control system limits the position of the basket when travelling but even this envelope allows positioning of the basket to access overhead lines in a convenient position to travel along the length while inspecting or installing equipment.

The additional option of a positive/negative jib extension is probably the most interesting feature of this machine. The configuration allows a two man basket to be deployed, when the machine is fully stabilised, to carry out under bridge tasks.

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