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New Thales onboard solution to offer more security and comfort for passengers

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The immediate and long-term priority of public transport authorities and rail operators is to secure the attractiveness of rail transportation. This means creating a safe, reliable and attractive environment for passengers on trains. To achieve this, there is a need to ensure that onboard security conditions are properly managed and that operations can be easily adapted to different passenger scenarios in the context of smart mobility.

Passenger information and video surveillance provide vital reassurance for travellers. But onboard security and comfort technology is evolving rapidly and there is scope to achieve much more – a key consideration as operators race to rebuild passenger trust in the post-Covid world.

©Thales – All onboard services are connected to the Operation Control Centre (OCC) via secure communications

Thales integrated onboard solution is designed to meet the demand for passenger information, passenger security, connectivity and entertainment on trains. It also supports new capabilities – including onboard video analytics. This uses artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithms to “see” what’s happening on trains as they move around the network. Video analytics provides the foundation for new functions including passenger density measurements and violent event detection, as well as detecting remaining passengers and luggage.

Thales onboard solution is easy to install thanks to its unique single-box configuration, ready to accommodate any application, and it can be deployed in any rolling stock.

This current white paper outlines first the needs and challenges facing industry stakeholders. Second, it shows how onboard technologies help to address those challenges. Finally, it examines the characteristics of a fully-integrated onboard solution and highlights the benefits that this can bring.

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