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Network Rail Telecoms is go…

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As this is the Signalling & Telecommunications issue of the rail engineer, it is opportune that Network Rail chose this month to announce the formation of Network Rail Telecoms. Making the announcement, Peter Henderson, group asset management director, stated, “Network Rail Telecoms has been created to design and deliver a new, single, unified telecoms organisation focussing, among other things, on improving the effectiveness of our deployment and use of telecoms assets and managing whole life telecoms in the most efficient manner. The team will be responsible for all of our telecoms assets, strategy and policy decisions, including operating, maintaining and enhancing our assets. They will also be responsible for the design and delivery of the service to the customer.”

To head up this new operation Andy Hudson has joined Network Rail as Telecoms Director. He is currently vice president field operations and infrastructure engineering at Interoute Telecom, where he has helped transform the business from a fledgling operator to a successful European carrier. Andy takes up his new post in September.

Clive Kessell, writer for the rail engineer who headed up the Telecommunications Engineering department of BR and who was the Engineering Director at British Rail Telecoms before it was privatised, commented, “It is good to see Network Rail recognising that telecommunications form an important part of railway operations by creating this new single department. The wheel seems to have gone full circle.”


  1. “The wheel seems to have gone full circle” – I like it Clive.  August 1st 2011 I applied for the new post of Head of Telecoms (Customer and Service Management Operations) through the Network Rail website.  I thought registering with the site and entering my details and then uploading the cv and covering letter had done it – but when I logged in to check on progress toward interview last week – it turns out it wasn’t submitted. I hadn’t clicked ‘submit’ after I uploaded it, user error.

    “Developing (relationships and) a B2B model focussed on describing and developing the products and services provided by the new telecoms organisation” is precisely what we did in 1995, first phase anyway.  I am keen to give that “wheel” another shove as the improvement cycle continues circulating, my enthusiasm tempered by experience now.
    Unfortunately Rail telecommunications is tricky to communicate with from outside the network (some of that is very deliberate – SPT’s and Cab Secure Radio)  …but not this, this is poor communications.  My not being in possession of an internal phone directory, and having no  phone number in the Times advertisement, nor does the NR website give any email address, nor anyone so far in Personnel being able to help – my application’s in limbo.  It’s there on the site database but not submitted or available as a report to the recruiter.  Where’s Mike Tyrrell when you need him… he always knew someone who knew someone….(Bob Scott, as I recall)

    I’m hoping someone will get back to me – michael at langridge dot com  or  07976 206433

    Congratulations to Andy on his appointment, and to Network Rail for evolving the great idea that was British Rail Telecommunications into Network Rail Telecoms.


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