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Linbrooke powers ahead

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Linbrooke Services’ rail power team is continuing to expand, develop and deliver high-quality projects, providing full turnkey low voltage (LV) and high voltage (HV) power solutions for trackside and off track applications. As a principal contractor, Linbrooke works closely with Network Rail, its supply chain and all approved equipment manufacturers in order to deliver high quality services reinforced by sound engineering practice.

Linbrooke is also a fully licenced and accredited independent connections provider (ICP), capable of delivering power from the DNO (distribution network operator) network for trackside supplies. This is a unique solution to an endemic problem which continuously affects key milestone deliverables. Enhanced by a civil engineering capability for rail applications, Linbrooke offers the full package.

Together with its own in-house telecoms and signalling resources, Linbrooke provides a full multi-disciplinary design, delivery, test and commission solution, enhanced by carefully cultivated relationships with all UK DNOs and the industry regulator Ofgen. This benefits all relevant clients through a more- efficient and cost-effective delivery of projects and new DNO connections which are judiciously managed by Linbrooke’s Rail Power team.

The power of relationships

As a company motivated by a “quality driven, can do ethos”, Linbrooke has an extensive and impressive repertoire of services. As well as performing the design, installation, test and commission of new and modified principal supply points (PSPs), auxiliary supply points (ASPs), functional supply points (FSPs), 650V signalling power distribution feeders and other LV power supplies, the company also has widespread experience in installing, jointing and terminating cables up to 33kV, securing wayleaves in third party land and making final connections to the DNO existing network.

Linbrooke’s belief in collaboration and the nurturing of relationships with all stakeholders has resulted in the boosting of their reputation as well as the success rate of managing the unpredictability of securing wayleaves.

The proof is in the project

Providing signalling power, brick-built PSPs and working closely with DNOs, Linbrooke’s power teams already have a number of high-profile projects under their belts, such as FTN and GSM-R power installations, GNGE, West Midlands Signalling Centre and LNE 650V signalling renewals.

One such project involved FTN works at Burton Latimer where the FTN REB was running on a temporary generator due to the permanent DNO supply application being stuck in wayleaves. Linbrooke were asked to apply its experience as a principal contractor and independent connection provider (ICP) in order to review the designs and investigate alternative options for the supply. The rail power team performed an analysis of the DNO network drawings and the Form B designs and as a result the DNO company was able to reinforce the existing LV network and the Network Rail DNO cubicle was relocated further along the road. Subsequently, the outstanding wayleave issues were removed and the proposed 11kV DNO works negated – thus allowing the connection to be made at a greatly reduced cost. This is just one example of over 40 DNO connections that the Linbrooke rail power team has carried out nationally for Network Rail’s FTN programme.

The multidisciplinary Great Northern Great Eastern project (as described elsewhere in this issue) saw Linbrooke’s power and telecoms teams come together to provide services for the installation of the latest generation of Siemens’ modular signalling equipment – thus facilitating the overall programme of essential renewals between Peterborough and Doncaster. The power scope included the provision of PSPs, DNO cabinets, points heating, level crossing lighting works and the commissioning of works over five individual EIS stages.

At West Midlands Signalling Centre, Linbrooke was responsible for the production of detailed designs for modifications to critical signalling supplies. These supplies required the comprehensive staging of UPS shutdowns in order to provide safe isolations while retaining the availability of backup supplies to maintain the signalling and building domestic supplies throughout the new installation works.

Taking part in the 650V signalling power renewals scheme for the LNE region to the south west of Leeds, Linbrooke was further contacted to provide a full PSP/ASP/FSP Class II solution with partial auto reconfiguration. The new generator-based PSP installed at Bradley was designed as a new brick-built construction in preference to a containerised option. Linbrooke provided a full turnkey design and build solution comprising all telecoms, civils, building and power works – including DNO connections. This was a prime example of the capabilities of the Linbrooke rail power team being further enhanced by its civil engineering competency in relation to rail applications.

With quality and collaboration at its very core, Linbrooke continues to power on!


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