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Jacobs and AECOM to work on Transport Scotland’s Strategic Transport Projects Review

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Transport Scotland, the national transport agency for Scotland, has announced that Jacobs and AECOM have been contracted to lead its second Strategic Transport Projects Review (STPR2), supported by Big Partnership and the University of Leeds Institute of Transport Studies, as well as other industry technical experts.

This strategic review will provide recommendations to Scottish Ministers on future transport investment in Scotland and will be focused on the themes of economic prosperity, equality, health and wellbeing and climate action.

The first review, published in 2008, was also undertaken by Jacobs and AECOM. The new, second review is programmed to take two years. It will focus on national and regional issues to deliver national transport priorities and will include strategies to make Scotland more accessible for residents, visitors and business, creating better connectivity with sustainable, smart and cleaner transport options.

All transport modes will be considered, including the strategic road and rail networks, as well as active travel, island connectivity, ferries and buses, and there will be an extensive stakeholder engagement programme involving organisations from all parts of Scotland.

Transport Scotland director of transport strategy and analysis Alison Irvine said: “Work is already underway on the review of the National Transport Strategy which will set out the Scottish Government’s vision for the future of our transport system. The outcomes from the NTS will inform the second Strategic Transport Projects Review.

“The appointment of consultancy support for STPR2 represents a significant step in the process, to identify the transport interventions required to provide Scotland with a transport network fit to deliver the vision of the NTS. Transport Scotland is looking forward to delivering this substantial transport appraisal, which will make recommendations for Scottish Ministers’ future investment in all transport modes.”


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