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Infrarail seminars: Supply Moinitoring and Restoration

On Thursday 3 May at 12:30, Jas Birk, Segment Manager of Transport at Schneider Electric, will be presenting ‘Signalling Power – Supply Moinitoring and Restoration’ at Infrarail.

As the UK’s railway continues to grow there is increasing pressure to ensure that the network is reliable and efficient.

A substantial number of train delays and cancellations can be attributed to the loss of signalling power, either by a genuine cable fault or theft.

These occurrences cause tremendous disruption to the network, can result in long delays and, in some cases, heavy fines for the network operator.

With 970,000 minutes of delays in 2010-11 attributed to cable theft and loss of power, Schneider Electric’s Rail Segment Manager will address the issues facing the industry and the introduction of supply monitoring and restoration technologies which can reduce signal power supply down-time, allowing operators to reduce delays, reduce costs and increase safety.

This presentation will conclude with a 10-minute question and answer session.


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