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Infrarail seminars: LED – New lamps for old

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On Wednesday 2 May at 13:50, Chris Walsh, Corporate Sales Manager at M J Quinn will be presenting ‘LED – New lamps for old – Low carbon, low cost, low maintenance, longer life’ at Infrarail.

Retro-fit LED lighting “could return your organisation a 60% saving in energy costs and Carbon” in addition to “reducing your lighting maintenance to almost zero for the next five to ten years”.

Reliable, long life LED retro-fit technology has now reached a price point that in most instances will yield an ROI of three years or less, some 24/7 operations will return its investment in just nine months, after installation and purchase.

Virtually all conventional lighting types and technologies, both internal and external can be replaced with LED retro-fit products – the retro-fit range even extends to fire resistant tubes and lamps designed for extreme conditions.

Chris Walsh will look at how old lamps and power hungry lighting estate is badly damaging” bottom line” performance 365 days per year.

Over five years, two hundred and seventy 1000w MH flood lights lit for 12 hours per day will cost around £300,000 more for energy and maintenance, and generate an additional 2,500 tonnes of C02, than the equivalent LED product. Oh yes, 4,500 broad leaf trees will also be saved from carbon absorption.

So to save money – attend this seminar!


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