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Infrarail seminars: EMC in railways – applying best practice

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On Tuesday 1 May at 11:10, Chris Marshman, Development Director at York EMC will be presenting the seminar EMC in Railways – Applying Best Practice at Infrarail.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is concerned with minimising electrical interference; something which potentially is a major safety issue within the railway.

Many examples exist of potential electromagnetic (EM) interactions between different systems, both old and new, on the railway infrastructure. Examples include those between modern high power traction packages on rolling stock and signalling systems as part of the infrastructure.

The EMC of such interfaces must be managed to ensure that the performance of the signalling system is not degraded by interference.

The successful delivery of large infrastructure projects within the complex railway electromagnetic environment has enabled the development of EMC best practice over recent years. This has been made possible by managing EMC from the project outset, resulting in both minimised risks and minimised costs.

This presentation provides an overview of EMC best practice on the railway by reference to European railway EMC standards and interoperability directives, and to Network Rail and London Underground requirements. It will look at the individual elements that make up the best practice approach to EMC on the railway, including the role EMC management plans and HAZID.

The presentation conclusion is that by addressing EMC from the start of a project, the safety, regulatory and compliance issues can all be addressed and met in a timely and cost effective manner.


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