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Infrarail seminars: Electrification Plans for the Future

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On Tuesday 1 May at 15:10, Peter Dearman, Head of Network Electrification at Network Rail will be presenting the seminar ‘Electrifying The Network – Electrification Plans for the Future’ at Inrafrail.

Network Rail’s electrification programmes will provide work for a large part of the industry over the next few years.

Electrification of the Great Western to Bristol and Cardiff, routes around Manchester, and the recently announced extensions to Sheffield, represent a major investment.

There will be many aspects to the work. Trackside structures need to be surveyed, modified and replaced.

Then there is the installation of the overhead wires, power supplies and substations. Traction return can play havoc with signalling installations so they need to be protected and checked. There is much to do.

Peter Dearman is in a unique position to comment on all these challenges. As head of network electrification, he oversees projects all over the country and he will be using this opportunity at Infrararil to present an overview of all the challenges and opportunities in the years ahead.

Once again, the interactive session immediately after his talk will give delegates the opportunity to bring up any points that need clarifying.

This is a unique opportunity to interface directly with the person responsible for this major investment programme.



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