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Infrarail seminars: Effective Civils Solutions by Adapting Existing Technologies

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On Tuesday 1 May at 13:50, Patrick Coffey, Managing Director of Coffey Group Ltd will be presenting ‘Effective Civils Solutions by Adapting Existing Technologies’ at Infrarail.

Innovation in railway civil engineering solutions sits deep in the heart of Coffey Construction, which has been working successfully as a contractor to Irish Rail since 1985.

In this seminar, managing director Paddy Coffey will describe some of the techniques which his company has used to deliver effective construction solutions to overcome particular site constraints.

One example will be the Clongriffen loop line embankment. A contractor-led design resulted in the construction of a piled retaining wall at the foot of the existing embankment while trains were running, rather than in four-hour nightly possessions.

When a retaining wall moved significantly above the Dublin to Bray railway line, factory-made twin-panelled concrete wall forms were used as permanent shuttering for the replacement wall, which was restrained by soil nails.

This reduced construction time and the disruption caused by the associated road closure, and reduced the weight of wall components to suit the access available for lifting equipment.


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