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Infrarail seminars: Desktop Signal Sighting – Is Seeing Believing?

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On Tuesday 1 May at 12:30, Simon Gardiner, Managing Director at Gioconda Limited will be holding a seminar entitled ‘Desktop Signal Sighting – Is Seeing Believing?’ at Infrarail.

Simon Gardiner will bring delegates up to date with some of the latest projects to use Gioconda’s tools and services along with a presentation of the new Complete Gioconda Service which provides a very efficient and cost effective solution.

The presentation will cover Signal Sighting with automatic form creation, Signal Immunisation, Constructability, Driver Briefing and transfer of models to Training Simulators.

Project references will include Thameslink KO2, North West Electrification and EGIP signal sighting projects along with various Driver Briefing projects.

As part of the presentation Simon will demonstrate how the user can manipulate HD video models in real-time to look at options and design changes pre or during a SSC meeting.

Simon will also demonstrate the pitfalls and problems with this technology when operated by inexperienced users and in particularly explain how we have eliminated from our tools inaccuracy due to signal drift and obscuration.

During the presentation Simon will be offering delegates the chance to enter his “judge the distance” signal sighting competition where the winner will receive a Kindle Fire.


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