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In case you missed it: Developing reliability and durability

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Developing new products is a challenge for any organisation, large or small. However, those that are well-established and have dedicated design and development facilities naturally find the process simpler.

One example is Chicago Pneumatic, founded in 1889 and a global brand leader providing tools engineered for demanding applications, designed and constructed to meet the rugged demands of Industry.

Many strict testing and quality inspections are conducted throughout the design, production and assembly stages to guarantee the long life performance of its tools.

Design and prototyping

Working in close collaboration with marketing to define targets to meet the needs of the end user, the design team develops a product concept associated with internal component details using CAD and simulation. This concept is then validated using prototypes.

Some prototypes are representative of the external appearance only, these are made with 3D printers. Others are representative of function and/or durability, in which case the critical parts are purchased from specialist suppliers or manufactured in-house.

Using its laboratories based in China, France and Japan, every new design is checked and validated. Depending on its complexity, each new design can be tested at every stage of development: prototype parts, off-tool parts or initial samples.

Quality production

Chicago Pneumatic understands that customer satisfaction is key to its continued success, indeed quality is a priority as products are constantly optimised so that the customer is offered the most suitable tool for the toughest of applications. All products are thoroughly tested and have to pass EC Certification according to ISO standards.

The company’s proven strategy of 100% partnering using only authorised distributors as a route to market has ensured that the end user only receives the latest best in class. All products are backed-up by technology training, air solution expertise, superior quality & ergonomics, and efficient customer support.

This allows Chicago Pneumatic to offer a large range of tools that provide enhanced performance and durability, readily available from stock and supported by a competitive pricing strategy.

Article was first published in Rail Engineer June 2015 Issue 128


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