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Czech Republic: RegioJet brings new Bombardier TRAXX locomotives into passenger service

RegioJet, the independent Czech railway operator that also runs services in Slovakia, has introduced its new Bombardier TRAXX locomotives into passenger service on the route from Prague to Ostrava and Návsí.

Once the new locos have proved themselves on domestic routes, they will be used to haul trains further afield to Brno, and internationally to Bratislava (Slovakia) and Vienna (Austria).

The new Bombardier TRAXX MS2 locomotives can operate at up to 160km/h and are approved for service in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria. This will be the first time that TRAXX locomotives have been operated on regular passenger services in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

At the same time, two additional open-plan coaches, manufactured by Astra Vagoane Calatori of Romania, have been delivered. Featuring touch-screen entertainment at each seat, RegioJet will take delivery of 16 such vehicles this year.

The new vehicles form part of RegioJet’s multi-million euro investment in its passenger fleet, driven by a recent 30 per cent increase in passenger numbers as the company introduces new services to both Vienna and Brno.

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