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Contractors launch PPE appeal to aid NHS

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At a time when the NHS is struggling to cope with the Coronavirus (CORVID-19) pandemic, two firms in the construction industry have got together to launch an appeal to help.

The DE Group, whose companies include Deconstruct (demolition), Decontaminate, Derisk and Deploy (recruitment), has joined forces with another demolition firm – Cantillon – to assist the NHS with supplying personal protective equipment (PPE) for the healthcare workers that will be working thought to outbreak.

The appeal originally asked for donations of unwanted PPE from construction and other firms. However, as the NHS has specialist requirements, it has now moved to a more general appeal for money to help buy the required equipment.

Paul Ford of DE Group and Paul Cluskey of Cantillon are behind the appeal. Paul Cluskey explained: “We cannot simply rely on the government and the incredible NHS to fight Covid-19 alone. We have thousands of NHS staff, Volunteers, Care and Mental Health staff helping patients and sufferers of Covid-19 without any suitable PPE, putting themselves at risk on a daily basis.

“The demographic of this pandemic is so vast, no government or health service could cope. So, with a private sector watching and waiting, we have to do everything that we can to help these incredible people do their work safely and confidently.

“Since launching our appeal, we have been inundated with people up and down the country contacting us seeking basic personal protective equipment. People working to save lives and help our most vulnerable. While private sector contractors can muster their stock of PPE, we might soon run out of that too.

“We are therefore seeking financial donations to purchase PPE from our suppliers, where we can, then continue to distribute to anyone that reaches out for our support. Every one of us are relying on the brave people in the NHS and care sector. Let’s put our hands in our pockets and make a difference, show them our gratitude and support.”

DE Group’s Paul Ford added: “The response to our call for help has been significant. People’s generosity is amazing, but the problem is huge and we desperately need more. We can now take cash donations to source PPE. Please visit our website at www.contractorsappeal.com and let’s help save lives.

“Thank you all for you support.”


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