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Cemex constructs its biggest rail crossing for Waterloo station

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Cemex Rail Solutions has completed a rail crossing which will be used to remodel the track layout outside Waterloo station – a project described as its biggest ever.

The multiple crossing – which has been constructed on behalf of Network Rail supplier Progress Rail – is awaiting installation and consists of 10 sets of switches through 1,800 metres of track.

The bespoke crossing was designed and constructed by 30 employees at Cemex’s Rail Solutions site in Somercotes, Derbyshire.

Each bearer was numbered and colour-coded before stacking and transporting to the Beeston assembly facility, then onto Hoo Junction, a rail yard near Rochester for layout and addition of the track.

Cemex Rail's biggest rail crossing. Credit: Cemex.
Cemex Rail’s biggest rail crossing.
Credit: Cemex.

Cemex Rail Solutions’ operations manager, Terence Clair, said: “There were many challenges in producing this size of multiple crossing.

“The main one was ensuring the data transfer of the 1:50 drawing into the data sets that we would use within our production process to the actual crossing, and to ensure that each rail position was within 1mm of its set position.

“Add to this the complexity of each individual bearer, the sheer volume of individual units and concrete; it was quite a challenge.

“In the past the crossings would have been made of timber with the rail and plates laid on top and screwed in place. This unique crossing, made of concrete, has to have the securing fixings created during the production process. Being made of concrete makes it stronger and with a longer life span.

 “It’s a great job and highlights how Cemex Rail can innovate and create bespoke systems for the rail industry.”


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